Your Industry Platform

The role of the Association is to act on behalf of Members and Associates in respect of industry issues and to protect the integrity of the Plumbing Materials Supply and Service Industry.

1. Over the past five years, the PMA has acted across a range on issues and this activity and focus will be reinforced particularly in respect of WELS and Watermark compliance.

2. WELS and Watermark
To represent and make submission on behalf of PMA of issues of concern and to monitor key issues.

3. Labour market issues – in support of local manufacturers and the industry to protect business and jobs in a difficult market and to monitor impact of trade agreements as they affect the industry.

4. Victorian Building Authorities
• Continued support for Plumbers Certificate program for protection of consumer and feedback on new regulations and compliance.
• To reinforce contacts

5. Consumer Relations and Law – maintain policy based on ACCC and Consumer Affairs Victoria for returns policy and support from suppliers.

6. Raw materials pricing, to support price stability.

7. Theft, security, cyber crime – liaise with manufacturers, banks, credit card issuers and police to contain fraud and loss and theft from premises and continual update on cyber security.

8. OHS – regular review and identification of critical issues and support for education as appropriate.

9. Maintain website on behalf of Members and Associates.

10. Chamber of Commerce – to maintain a relationship with VECCI as Members, and for Member concessions and briefings as appropriate.

11. Membership
• To promote networking across the industry through profile, functions such as golf and the SOYA Awards Dinner.
• To support gender diversity across the industry and to support the establishment of the interest group “Women in Plumbing”
• To seek to expand membership and include industry service providers.
• To promote best service standards and performance through the SOYA Evaluation.

12. Directors
• to seek to improve the value of PMA to Members/Associates through interaction on industry issues, liaison with service providers and other facilitation as appropriate.
• To invite presentations from appropriate sources eg risk insurance, OHS, new legislation consumer legislation legal rights of entitlement and cyber security
• To assist networking
• To meet at suppliers premises as means of achieving closer contact and relationships across the industry..