About Women in Plumbing

The Women In Plumbing network, (PMA, Vic) is a networking platform for all women in the plumbing industry in Victoria.

Members are drawn from members and associate members of the PMA, and partner industry bodies.

The WIP network exists:

  • to build the profile of women in the plumbing industry (whether plumbers, salespeople, designers, estimators or support staff),
  • to extend the perception of the plumbing trade as an employment path for women,
  • to drive business growth by growing skills and trade connections,
  • to provide opportunities to connect women across industry segments; and
  • to become a respected influence in growing inclusion in industry.

The Women in Plumbing network will support events:

  • to grow professional and personal development,
  • Connection between different sectors of the plumbing trade (RTOs, Merchants, Suppliers, Plumbers),
  • to build skills and understanding of the industry:
    • New technologies
    • Industry trends and issues
    • Plumbing training
    • Selling skills
  • to enable Networking across different market segments, and
  • to enhance collaboration within and across skill groups

Women in Plumbing will also find opportunities to connect with similar organisations in different industries, to enable members to grow skills and business opportunities more broadly.