May 2018 Newsletter

As we all know the year to date has been very busy if not demanding. The PMA your advocate has also been busy engaged on your behalf.
This is an update for you:

  • The Amazon entry into Australia and our markets has not been a surprise but needs to be carefully monitored for exploitation. On the basis of evidence from members we alerted the WELS regulator as to plumbing supply listed on the Amazon sites failing to meet the WELS compliance regulations and standards. Action has been taken by the regulator so please use the PMA as appropriate to register issues of concern.
  • Government at both federal and state levels continue to press for increased compliance and regulation on Watermark product and installation. This has now been running for some 3 years but is now coming to some serious conclusion on the basis that installation failures need to be reduced and regulated. So we are now faced with a strong move to introduce compliance at the point of sale. This is despite the lack of meaningful evidence as to this being at the heart of the problem.
  • The PMA has been active in making representation on this issue and has recently met with consultants appointed to take carriage of changes to the watermark regime. Our concern is to the cost of compliance at the point of sale at a time when other industry players are attempting to push the matter downstream.
  • We have been invited to produce evidence as to the experience of the industry at point of sale as to failure and non compliance and we are working with one of our major members in this respect. Any move in this respect will only serve to further drive up the costs and pass on price increases to our customers.
  • The issue of cyber-crime has attracted our attention and the PMA has recently received a professional briefing on the issues involved and risk mitigation.
  • Suppliers are welcome to our meetings as appropriate to inform on such matters.
  • At our next meeting we will have for consideration a sharing of experience on fraud and criminal activity which would affect our business.
  • Our Greenacres Golf Day in March was a great success and a record turnout for this networking event. We received very good feedback and we have booked the venue for next year on Friday 29th March 2019 for your diary. We hope to have a ladies team compete next year also.
  • Our annual dinner and supplier of the year event is now booked for Atlantic Function in the Docklands, a place to be on Friday 19 October 2018. The prestigious soya awards and evaluation will be with us soon so keep up the good work.
  • This Last year we had a good feedback of enquiry for improvement which is pleasing.

Teresa Clark & Terry Stewart
Plumbing Merchants Association


Online regulation

The pma has been active over the past few years to encourage the government to close the loophole in Wels regulation which allowed unregulated product to be sold on eBay .

The pma is pleased to see that the compliance regulation has now been extended to eBay sales platforms