Code of Ethics and Performance

The Plumbing Merchants Association of Victoria, needs to achieve the highest degree of quality and efficiency within the industry. It’s main objectives are:

  1. To encourage and promote sound and ethical business practice.
  2. To collect and publish information and data relating to the industry.
  3. To make representation and/or submissions to the three levels of Government and other appropriate authorities on matters which affect interests of the industry.
  4. To co-operate with other professional organisations to promote and advance improvements in the industry as a whole.
  5. To both influence and respond to regulatory initiatives which assist industry efficiency.
  6. To strive to provide services and products of a high professional standard and quality.
  7. To be responsible in dealings with trade suppliers and to encourage fair treatment with industry members.
  8.  As policy, members to support companies whose products comply with Australian Standards.
  9. To assist and raise industry education standards, to promote industry quality standards, inter-company relationships and improve customer confidence and good will.